5th January 2015

12 Things Progressive People Never Do

12 Things Progressive People Never Do


Having worked with some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, entertainers and coaches and studied their behaviour and outlook, here are some of the lessons I’ve learnt rubbing shoulders with the inspiring and accomplished.

By Jessica Huie

Progressive people never…

1.   Deflect or deny responsibility for their cock-ups. The ability to take ownership of a mistake or failure, is imperative for growth both professional and personal. Progressive people hold their hands up, make amends and learn from their error, garnering respect in the process.

2.   Disconnect from their inner self. Call it your soul, conscience or God. Progressive people are acutely aware of a level of consciousness, which goes beyond the mind, and the benefit of harnessing the power and creativity within us, by switching off from distractions.

3.   View their situation as impossible. While life might be challenging, progressive people quickly recognise that there are always options available to us to improve or change our experience – and that adjusting our mind-set is the first step to improvement.

4.   Eat junk and processed food often/consistently. Progressive people understand the correlation between what we put into our bodies and how we perform mentally, physically and emotionally.

5.   Remain in painful relationships. Whether partner or friend, progressive people are mindful of the importance of stimulating their minds with uplifting and healthy thoughts and conversations. If friendships or relationships become destructive or unhealthy, progressive people seek resolutions or cull.

6.   Compromise their integrity. Progressive people realise that integrity – doing the right thing even when nobody is around, is a golden quality which is truly invaluable. Integrity can open doors which academia, material wealth and even connections cannot.

7.   Neglect their health and fitness. Exercise leads to increased energy, mental focus, confidence, and can aid depression. Committing to consistent exercise requires dedication and resilience when you are exhausted – both qualities which cross over and benefit progressive people in their professional lives.

8.   Lead monotonous lives. Progression is aided by an intake of new information and experiences, So progressive people travel to new places, experiment with new hobbies and live full lives outside of the safety of their comfort zone.

9.   Resent the success of others. Progressive people may study the success of others for insight into how they achieved, but jealousy and resentment are not characteristics of confident and self assured individuals.

10.  Describe themselves as ‘broke.’ Progressive people are too concerned with finding a solution to their financial challenge to dwell on the challenge itself.

11.  Neglect their appearance. The desire to be the best version of themselves rather than vanity, drives the progressive to maintain a polished image. How we care for ourselves correlates with our level of self worth, and progressive people recognise that self worth is a strong foundation for self-development, happiness and success.

12.  Believe their own hype. Progressive people self regulate by observing their own behaviours and attitudes, to check in and ensure they are just. The ability to constructively self-talk is even more important than having enough humility to accept constructive criticism from others.


Jessica Huie is founder of JH Public Relations  and Color blind Cards (www.colorblindcards.com)


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