8th August 2014

Adam Walker Makes History as First Brit to Complete Oceans Seven Challenge

 Adam Walker Makes History As First Brit To Complete Oceans Seven Challenge


On Wednesday 6th August, 29-year-old Adam ‘Ocean’ Walker became the world’s first British person to complete the Oceans seven challenge, which sees open water swimmers take on the gruelling challenge of swimming all seven of the world’s oceans without assistance.

Crossing the North Channel in 10 hours and 45 minutes, the swim was the last 
of the incredible challenges which started six years ago when inspired by in-flight movie, On A Clear Day (2005), in which a fictional man from Glasgow is laid off from his job as a ship builder and so decides to swim the English Channel, Adam who had not swam for ten years adventure began.

Adam decided to resign from his job as a salesman and do something incredible which would test his personal capacity as a human being and allow him to make a mark on the world.

Following intense training, which Adam describes as “20% physical and 80% mental,” the Nottingham based record breaker swam the English Channel in July 2008 and the Strait of Gibraltar followed two years later. In July 2012 Adam swam the Molokai Strait off Hawaii and he was back in the water three months later battling the Catalina Channel on the American west coast. Last year’s mission was to conquer Japan’s Tsugaru Channel and in April he completed New Zealand’s Cook Strait when he was stung by a Portuguese Man of War jellyfish and survived a near-death experience with sharks during which a pod of dolphins surrounded him and escorted him to safety – captured on video and catapulting him into the media spotlight.

Whilst the phenomenal physical and historic achievement for Adam ‘Ocean’ Walker is unquestionable, what is more poignant and significant to us all, is the tale of how a man discontent with his life and unfulfilled, embarked on a mission to leave a legacy and challenge his personal capacity;

“It feels amazing to have all seven done. I had so many emotions during this final leg of my challenge. I have managed seven out of seven with no failed attempts and only one other person in the world has done that. It’s bigger than just swimming. I believe I can do any- thing after this,” said Adam about becoming the first Briton and the fifth person in the world to complete the challenge.

Adam’s achievement has lead to him becoming an in-demand speaker, with Europe’s leading talent management agency Kruger Cowne inviting him to join their roster of iconic global speakers (Sir Bob Geldof, John Simpson CBE, Jeremy Gilley Peace One Day.) Founder Mark Cowne said; we are incredibly proud of Adam and his accomplishment not only personally, but for Britain too.”

The Ocean’s Seven has been completed by five people: Stephen Redmond (Ireland), Anna-Carin Nordin (Sweden), Michelle Macy (United States), Darren Miller (United States) and now Adam ‘Ocean’ Walker (United Kingdom).

 “I simply got into the mind-set that I would rather die than not make it. Pain lasts for a day, success lasts for a life-time.” Adam ‘Ocean’ Walker.


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