12th February 2015

Catch up with your potential – Become the ultimate version of you

I love sharing my journey. I love it because each time I tell the story of having gone from a dark and uncertain period of my life before moving into an entirely new, unrecognizable state of living, I know that someone is affected. Affected because the vast majority of us have felt hopeless at some time in their life, and the confirmation that it is possible to life shift to the degree that I did, as many have – is reassuring. Each time I share, I feel worthy. I feel my purpose.

We are bombarded by advice and direction on how to get ahead. Develop a strategy. Surround yourself with an A Team. Get educated. Seek investment. Get a mentor. Find a coach. It’s easy to get so lost in the advice, that we find ourselves even more confused than we were to begin with, desperately seeking the answers from outside sources who can assist us on our mission, but cut through all the information hurtling our way and the truth about transforming or improving your life is far simpler.

If you can imagine there are two versions of yourself. The real present day person experiencing all that you are experiencing currently, and the elevated version of you who perhaps you can imagine, living the life you truly desire, free of the stresses you are experiencing in your present day. What I experienced when I went from being pregnant, broke and in a hostel to experiencing travel by private jet to some of the world’s most breath taking locations as part of my glittering media career, was the 17 yr old Jessica briefly catching up with the potential of the 23 year old. And it was beautiful, awe inspiring, unbelievable – until I grew again, and again that sense of discontentment with my new reality set in. That thirst for what else the world had to offer and what else I could offer the world, made it impossible for me to sit and revel in the moment. Growth, ambition and that wondrous inner questioning of what else? Make you hungry for more of the world.

Our biggest obstacle is our state of consciousness, and no amount of strategizing or mentoring can facilitate progress until we accept the silent force beyond the business or career plan which governs our development.

It starts with us examining the state of being, emotionally, mentally and spiritually in which we operate today, and for the sake of that elevated version of ourselves which we desire to become, forgetting all the learning which has shaped our expectations of ourselves and of the world, and wiping the slate clean. What would the belief system of the elevated you look like?

Step into his/her mind set free of the old limiting beliefs. Think in the terms, financially, emotionally and in every other way, which would serve that woman/man, so that your behaviour and expectations become in line with the potential we all possess. By stretching our emotional fitness in this way we can push into our capacity, not lean in but lean beyond our own self imposed limitations.

Explore the elements of your state which you know do nothing but hold you back, devote yourself to this personal growth, as only once you can truly perceive and expect your personal version of greatness, can the strategy, mentoring and tools galore, support your ascent into what is your absolute potential to become who you were always meant to be.

Written by Jessica Huie, MBE (a woman still catching up with hers…)


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