22nd January 2016

Chef Anjula Devi Teams Up With Clearview Books Securing First Book Deal

We are delighted to announce that Chef Anjula Devi has teamed up with publishers Clearview Books to secure her first book deal. Anjula’s book will be entitled ‘Spice For Life’ and will hit shelves across the country in Spring 2017.


Attributing her life long passion and drive for authentic Indian cooking to her beloved father, Chef Anjula is one step closer to fulfilling her father’s wish of sharing his culinary wisdom and legendary recipes with the world.


The book will house a collection of recipes and Anjula’s secret to creating traditional healthy Indian home cooking. Hailed as the queen of spices by the Mail Online, Anjula’s book promises to debunk Indian food myths and popularise its health-boosting benefits, without compromising on taste.


Co-Founder of Clearview Books, Catharine Snow says, “Clearview Books is delighted to announce its acquisition of Anjula Devi’s first book, ‘Spice for Life’, in which the secrets of authentic and healthy Indian home cooking are revealed.  With publication scheduled for Spring 2017,  Anjula’s depth of knowledge, skill and personal charisma will bring an entirely fresh perspective to this popular genre”


Anjula’s passion for authentic, regional, traditional cuisine is her most valuable family heirloom. Passed down through generations and imparted to her by her beloved father, Anjula rarely wavers from the essential spices that form the foundation of Indian cuisine. Rather than being laden with oil and cluttered with carb-heavy additions, Anjula’s recipes are packed full of nutrient-rich vegetables and hormone-supporting spices, whilst still maintaining mood-enhancing comfort.


When Dad started teaching me to cook at the age of 8, I was hooked immediately. I loved sitting on our black and white linoleum floor in the kitchen, grinding spices in Dad’s large pestle and mortar. On my tenth birthday, Dad gave me my very own pestle and mortar. He painted the number ‘10’ on it with Mum’s nail polish, which she had bought from Shepherds Bush Market. I still use this very special pestle and mortar every single day.


It has always been my goal to publish the recipes which were passed down to me by my father, and before that to him by his father. I am so pleased, after searching really carefully, to have found a fantastic publisher in Clearview Books. My book will feature many recipes that were created with vegetables pulled straight from the soil in our back garden.


The recipes will all be original, with no shortcuts taken. My Dad always said “Anjula, there is an art to cooking Indian food which takes time. Just like painting a picture, the story needs to be told”. – Anjula Devi


Head of her own eponymous ‘Authentic Indian Cookery School’, founder of her own signature Masala range, ‘Route 207’, winner of a prestigious BBC Good Food Bursary Award and teacher at the prestigious Leiths Cookery School, Anjula has the key ingredients of knowledge and experience to impart her inherited wisdom to an entire industry and generation of female chefs who are inspired to follow behind her.


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