13th March 2015

Do you believe in your business enough to invest in PR?

The benefits of PR are countless. Connect with customers, shape your brand, establish your differentiation, attract buyers and investors, position yourself as expert… But ultimately making the decision to engage a PR agency is one of the most assertive steps you will take in your business journey. Assertive because it’s the difference between you launching and hoping your product or service will sell itself, and deciding that you believe in your offering enough to equip yourself for success.

It’s a leap of faith, particularly for Startups and small businesses, because despite what some agencies might tell (sell) you, it’s an investment with no immediate tangible return on your investment. The phone rarely rings immediately, even when media coverage hits the new stands.

That TV interview might lead to an instant burst of interest to your website – but it rarely makes you rich over night. PR must be seen as an investment, an ongoing campaign of building blocks which like all consistent efforts, gain traction as you proceed, awareness of your service or product growing with each new media platform who endorse you, and gradually you become visible. Heard of. Notorious even.

Visibility is where the magic happens. The hard work inevitably conjoins with good timing and opportunities begin to present themselves and are created. Opportunities which could never have met you, had you remained invisible, PR-less, careful.There is no guarantee that PR will enable your business success, but it certainly increases your odds, and if YOU don’t feel confident enough that journalists and stakeholders will get excited about your offering to invest in its promotion through PR, then alarm bells should ring.

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