20th September 2016

Government Advisor Charlotte Sweeney Calls For Employers to Adopt Inclusive ‘Trust Based Approach’ to Staff Amidst National Work Life Week 3rd-7th October

In the wake of National Work/Life Week, Harvard University’s Global Leadership award winner Charlotte Sweeney, is urging employers to create a more inclusive and flexible working environment for their employees by adopting a trust based approach which focusses on the meeting of objectives rather than hours. Take place during the 3rd-7th October, National Work Life Week is an opportunity for both employers and employees to focus on wellbeing at work and work-life balance.

Despite the shifts in the way we work in 2015, 23% of employees are reported to be doing some of their work remotely, up from 19 percent in 2003 according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics. More than just adopting flexible working, or more recently agile working, diversity expert Charlotte says businesses should begin to focus on individual well-being and supporting employees to enrich all aspects of their lives, their families and their communities. Corporates should implement a trust-based approach, which focuses on employees meeting their objectives, rather than focusing on where they are actually doing the work or even how many hours it takes to complete.


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