15th June 2014

The Power of Association: How to Bin Friends and Influence People

How to Bin Friends and Influence People


Right now, we’re a product of every thought we’ve ever had. When you digest that statement, the absolute importance of giving our minds positive events and conversations to process, becomes clear.

This isn’t fluff. The Harvard Business Review reported that in a meta-analysis of 225 academic studies, strong evidence of directional causality between life satisfaction and successful business outcomes was discovered. So happiness makes us better at business and to be happy we have to chop the dream killers and energy drainers out of our lives.

Our network of friends is integral not just to our happiness, but to our accomplishment. Progressive people evolve and grow continually, and in order to ensure that we fuel our minds with conversation which serves to power the very best of ourselves, we need to be talking to other progressives.

Here are four reasons why it’s time to be selective when it comes to your inner circle:

1. They hold us back

There are two reasons we don’t do things. Either we think we can’t do them – or people tell us we can’t do them. We’re in control of both, but it’s quicker to start losing the friends and acquaintances that hold you back, as training our minds to conquer limiting beliefs can take some time.

2. Amazing people encourage us to do amazing things

When ordinary people do extraordinary things and you’re around that, it becomes normal to explore your capacity and stretch yourself. Avoid people who encourage complacency, as you’ll end up compromising.

3. Your personal brand

This term may sound superficial but in fact it has as much substance as you have. Your personal brand is the image of yourself you portray to the world and the values you live by. The two should align as the most successful and fulfilled people are also authentic. Our network of friends and of course our partner, are all an extension of our brand. Do you share similar values and outlook?

4. Quality is not quantity

Friends are an important support system to help us beat the internal struggle between progressive thoughts and limiting ones. Our time is divided between work and family so invest in quality relationships rather than spreading yourself thinly between a multitude of less quality connections.

Once the clear out is complete and your Facebook newsfeed is looking more positive, its time to turn the attention to yourself and ensure that you are a person that progressive people will want in their circle.

Read these five tips on embracing positivity in business from Dale Carnegie author of global bestseller How to win friends and influence people.

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