7th October 2013

How to identify the human interest story behind your business and secure media coverage

Business PRPeople buy into people – not products. You’ll have heard this statement before and never before has it been more relevant in a society where we are bombarded by choice.

You the founder of your business are the sales person, and by communicating your background, the inspiration behind your business, your driving forces, challenges and vision through your marketing & PR, you will allow your target audience to resonate and connect your brand, and this is the key to ensuring your brand sticks in the mind of your audience rather than the competitions.

So many business owners neglect the fact that trust is a key part of the buying process. Large brands create trust through their company stability and magnitude, but for smaller businesses the responsibility lies with the founder or marketer to do more than just sell the benefits of the product.

Of course the quality and USP of your product or service is important, but research shows that a connected customer delivers much more to a business than one-off revenue which is the key to business success.

So how do you identify the human-interest story behind your business? Ask yourself the following questions and once you have the answers, you will have the information required to translate into a biography which will impact.

  • What inspired you to start this business?
  • Why do you feel passionate about it?
  • What are the social benefits to your enterprise?
  • How has starting or running this business changed your life?
  • What is your vision for the business? (Think big!)

At JHPR we create biogs for the founders of all of the entrepreneurs we represent, and this is sent along with a much more business orientated press release to the media. The articles which you read in the newspapers and magazines will be combination of both of those documents, and this is how we raise the profile of our entrepreneur clients and their exciting businesses.

Check out this video for Stanford Business by social psychologist and marketeer Jennifer Aarker for more on this topic…

 Harnessing the power of stories


Need help creating a biog to tell your business story? 

Email info@jhpr.co.uk for details of our Do Your own PR package, which incorporates an affordable biog and press release writing service as below;

  • Press release: £100 – Written and tailored to succinctly summarise your business and impact with the press who receive it
  • Biography: £100  – Essential background on the founder of the business which outlines the important human-interest element of your business.
  • Contact list: £150  – A tailored database of up to 100 contacts specific to your business (Eg. Beauty/music/technology) including full contact details of the journalists you will need to contact. £150
  • Purchase of the above entitles you to FREE Access to JH PR Business workshops focused on complimentary topics such as branding, video marketing and public speaking several times per year


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