12th March 2016

How to Raise Your Profile on a Limited Budget

March 24th
10am – 1pm

PR expert Jessica Huie MBE has partnered with the British Library to create a masterclass aimed at equipping small business owners and entrepreneurs, with the tools needed to generate their own publicity and raise their personal/business on a limited budget.

PR is often viewed as a luxury beyond the reach of most small businesses. This workshop will inform and re-educate on the necessity of PR for business growth and enable you to set up and manage your own PR campaign and get results.

The workshop will address the importance of PR for business in:

  • Securing investment from business investors
  • Securing buying interest from major chain-stores
  • Effectively connecting with your target market to increase brand awareness and ultimately drive sales

At this interactive workshop you will learn:

  • Why PR is critical to your business success
  • A four-step plan to creating your PR strategy
  • The best way to pitch to journalists
  • How to combine reactive and pro-active PR
  • The value of ‘PR-able’ partnerships

By the end of the workshop you will have:

  • Presented your PR pitch with an understanding of how to make it compelling to a journalist
  • Drafted an outline of your press release or biog
  • An understanding of the importance of a tailored media contact list in securing the right coverage for your business

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