31st July 2015

Introducing New JHPR Client Anjula Devi

JHPR is delighted to introduce their new client – the talented, indomitable Anjula Devi. As owner of a South-West London cookery school, Anjula is a champion of authentic and traditional Indian cooking. She is also one of the UK’s most celebrated chefs, Brand Ambassador for TRS Foods, winner of a prestigious BBC Good Food Bursary award and founder of her own masala range – ‘Route 207’.

Throughout her life, Anjula’s therapy and emotional outlet was cooking, a craft that began as a gift shared by her beloved father during her childhood. The ‘TLC’ with which Anjula cooks transcends the kitchen, and it is this warm accessibility which has made her one of social media’s most interactive celebrity chefs. The beauty of Devi’s approach is that the cooking, which provided a therapy through some of her own truly challenging life experiences, is now available to us all and can be used as an aid to most physical and emotional challenges.

JHPR is extremely excited to be working with Anjula and cannot wait to help promote her passion for healthy, traditional Indian cuisine.



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