23rd November 2016

JHPR’s Wednesday Wonder Women – Sisters Diana and Debbie of Financial Training Company DOMEG Money Matters

Every Wednesday JHPR spotlight a woman doing amazing things within her business field. As champions of startups and small business owners we will be selecting a wonder woman to profile each week.

Our Wonder Women this week are sisters Diana and Debbie who founded DOMEG Money Matters to enable vulnerable groups to manage money and become financially independent.

What is your business? Financial Capability Training Company. We are passionate about empowering young people with financial capability and life skills. Our innovative DOMEG Money MattersTM programmes are delivered to schools, academies, colleges and sports centres.

Our programmes are built on the foundation enhancing aspirations, building confidence, raising self-belief whilst learning valuable life skills about money, habits, behaviours and applying this to real life.


How long has your business been trading? 21 months


What inspired you to start your business? What do you do when your son becomes a professional footballer and is earning more money than he could have possibly imagined? Jump for joy and fantasise about the fancy holidays and designer clothes to come? Or set up a financial advisory service for young sports-people?

Proud Mum Debbie recognised the disadvantages associated with making lots of money at a young age and knew her son was ill-prepared by the current school system for what lay ahead. She figured other kids were in the same boat – whether they had careers as footballers or not. So she took option two and together with her sister Diana, DOMEG was born and is already pointing young people in the right direction when it comes to their finances. As Debbie points out, the business was born out of necessity.


What has been your greatest business achievement? Along with securing a Premier League client we are proud to build contracts in schools and helping those disadvantaged young people build aspirations and prepare them for life.


What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced along your business journey? Whilst growing the business and servicing our existing clients, it has been very important for us to ensure that our values, quality and ensuring our impact was not affected. Learning how best to manage our time efficiently, in-order to positively grow at a steady pace.


How is your business contributing to your community or society? We are passionate about developing and empowering young people, by giving them the self-belief enabling them to achieve their future goals and cope with life expectancies. Teaching them how to develop positive thinking habits and tools that influences their attitudes, beliefs, behaviour to succeed. We are about to run a parent programme in a deprived area and hope to support clients with Money Matters and other support referrals.


How has media coverage helped to raise your profile? As most of our clients are B2B its importance to have a positive presence on SM, share our successes with clients and post valuable financial information. Linking our website and other SM, companies have an opportunity to see what we can offer.


Best piece of business advice you’ve ever been given? We once asked how would you choose who best to collaborate with, especially being vulnerable and risky as a small business?

The advice from Oli Barrett (Entrepreneur) was “to go with your gut feeling and sometimes you need to trust this, as your intuition can serves you well”. We use this often when deciding to work with people/companies.


Where is your product or service available? Our business is B2B, we have clients in education, sports, community and charities. Clients can contact us, we can deliver 1:1 to large training sessions, every programme is bespoke design with new and current materials, personalised workbooks, City and Guilds Validations 13+ and a quantitive evaluation reporting that demonstrates outcomes being achieved.


Business website and social media handles.

Website:  www.domeg.co.uk

Twitter: @Domeducation

Facebook: DOMEG Money Matters TM

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/dom-education-group

Instagram: domegmoneymatters

Youtube: Domeg Money Matters



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