25th July 2014

Kruger Cowne Launches Speaking Academy

Europe’s leading talent management agency launches Kruger Cowne Speaking Academy

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Leading talent management agency, Kruger Cowne, have announced the launch of their Speaking Academy which will see a host of seasoned coaches deliver courses on the art of formal public speaking. As one of Europe’s leading speaker bureaus, Kruger Cowne represent some of the most sought after public figures in the world including Sir Bob Geldof, John Simpson CBE, Amada Wakeley and Sir Richard Branson, and are now expanding their services to help individuals learn how to speak publicly like a true professional.

Having worked with world renowned talent for the past 15 years and attending public as well as private events daily, Kruger Cowne recognise the positive impact of a good keynote speech and, conversely, the difficulties many people (from company executives to even the father-of-the-bride at his daughter’s wedding) face in delivering professional speeches.
Kruger Cowne acknowledge that public speaking, after dinner events or delivering a keynote is no easy feat, and many people, even seasoned CEOs, have a huge fear of speaking publicly. Jerry Seinfeld said, “According to most studies, the major fear that people have in life, the number one scary thing, is having to speak in public. Death ranks only number two. That means it’s less worrying to be in the coffin than to deliver the eulogy.”

Working with a diverse and highly professional portfolio of coaches and tutors, Kruger Cowne have devised a series of tailored workshops covering various aspects of public speaking which include fear of audience, communication skills, body language to voice coaching and group or individual presentation bootcamps. The objective of each workshop is to help individuals deliver the perfect message, whether they are giving a personal, business, motivational or after dinner speech.
Launched in 1999, Kruger Cowne quickly established themselves as one of Europe’s leading talent management agencies, providing speakers and artists to events in more than 70 countries around the world, specialising in supplying ad agencies, PR companies, and event organisations with globally recognisable and respectable talent. The launch of Kruger Cowne Speaking Academy is testimony to the agency’s commitment to deliver more than just speakers, but to build and develop client relationships with both the talent they represent and the clients they service.

To find out more about Kruger Cowne’s Speaking Academy visit: www.krugercownespeakingacademy.com



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