18th June 2013

Philanthropist, artist and entrepreneur Marie Guerlain joins Executive board of the NSPCC’s prestigious Art Ball

Marie Guerlain, as well known for her philanthropic work as for her acclaimed artistry, has joined the Executive board of the NSPCC’s Art Ball.

The mother of two is a long-standing supporter of charity with a  particular dedication to the support and rehabilitation of child abuse victims. JH PR client Guerlain is delighted to support the incredible charity. In 2012 the Art ball raised a phenomenal £1.1 million for the charities Rebuilding childhoods Appeal.

As part of the sixth generation of the Guerlain perfume and cosmetics dynasty, Marie Guerlain, artist, philanthropist, and entrepreneur has beauty in her genes. Extending beyond the aesthetic, Guerlain’s is a beauty which gleans from her tireless commitment to child welfare, her relatable role as a working mother and her personal determination to contribute.

37 year old Marie’s family dynasty began in 1828 with the launch of the French perfumery, The House of Guerlain, in Paris. As the increasingly successful perfumery was handed down through the generations, her family created now legendary scents such as Shalimar, Jicky and Samsara. In 1994, Marie’s father Eric Guerlain merged the perfume empire with the luxury brand Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessey (LVMH).