17th November 2015

Why the media should be writing about you

The global financial crash signalled a watershed as damaged corporate reputations and the revelation of ethical lapses in business, cleared the way for a new era – and a change in the way we do business forever. Out with a purely economic focus and in with corporate social responsibility, casting a spotlight on the individuals who yield power, their morals and motivation. Accountability was introduced.

Today the most successful brands with longevity have aligned personal and business values which create authenticity, trust and dependability. An appealing combination the consumer audience can buy into, and resonate with. Consumers are more savvy, spoilt for choice due to the abundance of an over populated market place. Our spending habits have changed and we are no longer motivated purely by our wants and needs – consumers expect a broader insight into businesses which the digital era has made possible.

There is no compensation for authenticity, and audiences can see through branding messages that do not correlate to behaviour.

If you are a business owner, putting a face to your brand can be a powerful PR tool, but before you step centre stage be sure to self-critique.

When a brand’s rhetoric is not aligned with the customer’ s experience, integrity falters and trust is lost.

It is personal brand that investors will buy into (Branson, Dyson, Gates, Winfrey all perfect examples of leadership enabled through authentic personal branding) have confidence in, and that same personal brand that post exit, is the currency which forms the foundation for new business exploits and positive notoriety.

Respect, influence and a strong reputation are the return on the investment in a strong personal brand. 

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  • Interactive coaching in how to pitch to journalists and get themselves featured in the press
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Who should attend?

The benefits of PR extend far beyond just raising your profile. Attend if your objectives include the following:

  • Reaching new customers through media coverage
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  • Developing and launching a product line then garner the interest of high-street buyers
  • Standing out in a crowded market and differentiating yourself from your competition
  • Securing a book deal
  • Developing a personal profile to in order to leverage your notoriety for future business ideas
  • Securing speaking engagements

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