19th June 2014

Celebrations Abound as Jessica is Awarded MBE!

Jessica Huie Awarded MBE

    Jessica-Huie-Guardian-PicIt’s celebrations all around as Jessica Huie, founder of JH Public Relations and Color blind Cards is awarded an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) for entrepreneurship after being named in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list. Inspired by the high-street’s lack of representative multi-cultural greeting cards, following a shopping trip for a card to boost her daughter’s (then aged 7) self-esteem, Color blind Cards was launched in 2006. The award-winning multi-racial greeting card and gift company is credited with having made history as the first company to secure a presence for a black card range in the UK high street (2007).

Despite her achievements in the UK, Color blind Card’s brand presence in Johannesburg, South Africa was particularly poignant because of the political sensitivity in the region following apartheid, and resulted in the South African Times newspaper writing about Jessica’s achievement. Jessica Huie commented on the recent announcement: “The news that I had received an MBE is undoubtedly one of the most wonderful and surreal moments of my life to date. I have put one foot in front of the other in pursuit of an improved reality, without looking back, ever since I became a mother aged 17. The honour of receiving this recognition forced me to recollect at not how far I have come, but the distance that I have travelled.”

“Anything is possible with self-belief, hard work, resilience and vision, and my wish is that as a society we empower our young people, particularly those most vulnerable, and support them to realise their capacity.” said Jessica Huie MBE. Jessica’s statement can be seen in full here.

 Kruger Cowne Launch Rights Division


Our client, Kruger Cowne, one of Europe’s leading talent management agencies and speaker bureaus with a stellar roster of personalities such as Sir Bob Geldof, Jamie Oliver, John Simpson OBE and Jeremy Gilley have recently launched their new rights division, Kruger Cowne Rights.

The agency have hired Adrian Sington (former Executive Chairman of Virgin Books and Vice Chairman of Virgin Comics and Virgin Animation) to head up the division that will enable them to maximise the potential of their clients’ brands through endorsement deals, all whilst making an even bigger impact with their customers within the corporate world.

Last week the agency announced news of their first major deal under Kruger Cowne Rights with Visa, in which Sir Bob Geldof participates in an initiative around this year’s World Cup, called United In Rivalry. Geldof joins a handful of Nobel Peace Prize laureates in expressing his passion for football, meanwhile the video (below) shows how rivalries contribute to the unifying effect of international sport, “Football isn’t life or death,” says Bob Geldof. “It’s much more important than that.” Watch the United in Rivalry video here.

 Startup of the Month: Tengri

nancy_profile_pixWe would like to extend a warm welcome to new client Tengri. We are pleased to crown them our start up of the month due to the company ethos, which has taken fairtrade one step further by coining the term ‘fairshare’.

The idea behind Tengri was conceived by Nancy Johnston, a social entrepreneur, when she was travelling with friends and staying with herder families in Mongolia. Nancy became fascinated by the delicate and interwoven relationship between people, animals and the land, developing a deeper understanding and respect for the bond between the herder families’ livelihoods, their yaks, and the Mongolian landscape. You can visit the website here.


megaphone-300x273 A wise man once said: If you do not have any customers you have a hobby, not a business.

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Jessica Huie has partnered with the British Library to deliver a PR workshop on ‘How to generate PR for your business on a budget’ on June 23rd, 10am – 12pm.



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