13th August 2014

Are you Entitled to Success? Fairshare Fashion at Tsetserleg and Macarons

Luxury Fashion Brand and ‘Fairshare’ Pioneer Hosts World’s First Tsetserleg Festival in Mongolia



Nancy Johnston, founder of luxury fashion brand Tengri and ‘fairshare’ pioneer has founded the Tsetserleg Festival in Mongolia to support the nomadic herder families living in the region by creating an innovative event, which will see old and new world’s collide.

The main highlight will be a spectacular fashion show taking place in Zayain-Khuree, on the steps of a magnificent Buddhist temple serving as a runway like no other. Local models will take to the steps to showcase the first ever collection by Tengri – a luxury knitwear brand for men and women, specialising in garments made of 100% Mongolian yak wool – which officially launches in September 2014.

After the many fun activities throughout the day, the festival will come to a close with a dazzling fireworks ceremony set to light up the dusk sky.

Tengri is far more than just a fashion label. It is a collective movement that brings together design, fashion, ethics, business, environmental activism and individual consumer choice to do good. Tengri aims to bring the unique qualities of yak wool to the forefront of the fashion industry through sustainable, eco-friendly and fairshare business, and seek to improve the lives and livelihoods of Mongolian nomadic herders, while protecting the country’s beautiful and unique landscape and pastures in the process.

Founder Nancy Johnston is a woman on a mission, and JHPR are delighted to be supporting her.

Full details on the Tsetserleg event can be found here.

Meredith Bespoke’s First Lady Enchants London journalists with Ohlala Macaron & Martini making workshops

Meredith-oh-la-laoh-la-la-girlWith over seventeen years in the luxury event industry, founder Meredith O’Shaughnessy’s vision and ingenuity positions Meredith Bespoke as a cut above the rest. Over the past three years Meredith Bespoke have built a stunning reputation, not just for the detailed creativity which goes into the planning and implementation of their productions, but for Meredith’s intuitive foresight for emerging trends in popular culture and leveraging this insight for the benefit of her clients globally.

As an off-shoot to her events agency, Meredith has innovatively combined the specialist art of baking delicate French macarons with the fun of martini making to culminate in Ohlala Macaron & Martini making workshops.

The first of its kind in the UK, Ohlala has become a favourite amongst the biggest names in the world of fashion and luxury, with notable support from supporters Lulu Guinness and Manolo Blahnik.

Running in Heels’ Journalist Tiffany Kaba gives her verdict on dabbling in the art of macaron and martini making here.

Are you entitled to success?


By Jessica Huie MBE

Profile any set of successful entrepreneurs and you’ll find a plethora of similarities. Characteristics and qualitative features about these individuals which have nothing to do with which university they studied at (indeed many did not study at all) or how much start-up capital they had.

Delve beyond the business plans of the wealthy, and take a closer look at their mind-set. That is their attitudes and outlook to business, life and success in particular. What you will find is that the common denominator is a sense of entitlement.

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