18th March 2015

Four ways PR will help to position you as an industry expert

When a magazine/newspaper editor rates you enough to write about you or your business in their publication, it’s a third party endorsement as opposed to a paid for advert which consumers have become wisened and cynical to. PR creates validation, of your expertise, and the value of that in business is immeasurable.

PR is your tool for creating accessibility, a chance to communicate why you do what you do, and show your personality. None of us can hide behind sales spiel any more, customers want to know what makes us tick. Recent research around the new prevalent social groups found Millennials in particular, care tremendously about the businesses they support social ethos.  PR presents your chance to tell them.

That speaking engagement which you are not being paid to do, is providing the most powerful form of marketing – face to face. It’s also an opportunity to capitalise on your moment at the lecturn by exploiting it with a videographer on hand to capture ‘soundbites’ and footage which can be shared across your social media platforms with the potential to reach a global audience.

Social media has created a way to share your expertise in a palatable way, whether through webinars, images or 140 words on twitter. Which ever method you choose, in the act of illustrating your skillset you are also giving to your audience, and as you furnish your followers with insight and advice which helps them to get ahead, you will build a valuable relationship with them. The most powerful form of selling is subtle, and by giving without an ask in the first instance,your contribution is a brilliant foundation for building lasting customer relationships.

Case studies
Ultimately you’re only as good as your customers experience, and if you have happy customers willing to shout about how your service has benefited them, then PR is your tool to assist them in telling their story of working successfully with you. Money can’t buy grateful brand ambassadors but if nobody hears them proclaiming how great you are, it’s a wasted marketing opportunity.

Jessica Huie, MBE is Founder of JH Public Relations and has worked with some of the worlds most iconic and influential personalities and entrepreneurs.

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