3rd October 2016

Welcoming Entrepreneur Jessica Williams to the JHPR Fold

There’s nothing we love more than an entrepreneur out to thrive commercially but make a social impact in the process. Founder of Sidekicks London Jessica Williams is doing just that, with a recruitment business which is challenging outdated protocol and attitudes in her sector, and replacing with a fresh approach which is already paying dividends.

Explaining the company ethos Jessica said; “A very important part of our job is to try to open things up. If a potential client specifically asked us to find a female, or a blonde, or someone under thirty, we don’t get cross – we simply ask them “Why?” The question of why is so powerful, and gives employers the opportunity to challenge their own line of thinking. It prompts people to think about their stereotypes and why they have them. Being confrontational doesn’t work, and I’m not naïve or idealistic – different types of people work better in different environments, of course – but those choices must be based on values and personality, not aesthetics, ever.” Our type of gal and we delight in representing her.

Click here to read Jessica’s article ‘Why I have no qualms hiring heavily pregnant staff’ for the Huffington Post


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